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Characterized by reduced bone density and loss of bone strength, osteoporosis actually makes your bones even more porous — spongy — than normal due to a bone formation and bone resorption imbalance. In addition, bones affected by osteoporosis suffer from significantly decreased levels of protein, calcium and collagen. Consequences of osteoporosis include overly fragile bones, easily fractured bones, bone pain and simple stress fractures that can lead to extended bed rest and worsening of osteoporosis.


Although we naturally lose some bone density as we age, the following risk factors may accelerate development of osteoporosis or osteopenia, the precursor to osteoporosis:

  • Being a female over 35 years old
  • Having a small/underweight body frame
  • Having a family history of osteopenia or osteoporosis
  • Being a smoker
  • Leading a sedentary lifestyle
  • Having a poor diet or poor overall health
  • Being diagnosed with hypogonadism (in men)
  • Suffering arthritis and other chronic inflammatory diseases
  • Taking medications such as heparin, Dilantin (for seizures) and oral corticosteroids

Osteoporosis does not present any noticeable symptoms except for vague aches and pains. Unless you have a test done to diagnose low bone density, you may not know you have osteoporosis. Being proactive about maintaining good bone health is essential to preventing this debilitating disease and protecting your quality of life.


Whole Body Vibration therapy is a drug-free, osteoporosis treatment. Early spaceflight experiments supported its results. When astronauts initially discovered that lack of gravity caused them to have difficulty walking upon returning to Earth, physicians postulated that living in a no-gravity environment deconditioned their muscles. In other words, without gravitational forces continually stimulating bone and muscles cells, bones and muscles will eventually begin wasting away.

The essential destruction and reformation process is called bone remodeling, and it occurs every day in your bones. Normal physical activity, such as walking, vacuuming and shopping, stimulates bone cells enough to promote bone remodeling. However, lack of activity or living in a no-gravity environment stops bone remodeling and immediately leads to loss of bone density.


VibePlate’s osteoporosis vibration machine is a state-of-the-art Whole Body Vibration platform that transmits repetitive, vibratory signals into the body. These signals activate bone cell mechanosensors in a way that makes bone cells think they are being stressed (exercised). Osteoporosis vibration therapy, like weight-bearing exercises, increases neuromuscular activity to improve bone strength and encourage remodeling of bone tissues.

Using our vibration plate for osteoporosis requires only a few minutes each day. In addition to preventing or delaying development of osteoporosis, VibePlate’s osteoporosis vibration machine will also help reduce joint pain, improve your range of motion and give you a better sense of balance and coordination.

VibePlate specializes in whole body vibrating platform machines for osteopenia and osteoporosis therapy. For additional information about the benefits of VibePlate for improving your bone health, contact us today 402.796.2025 or info@vibeplate.com.

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In the picture the mat on top of the VibePlate is a myofascial release mat called RolPal.

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