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Peripheral neuropathy is damage to the part of your nervous system responsible for transmitting information between your body and your central nervous system (spinal cord and brain). Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy include:

  • Tingling, numbness or prickling sensations in the arms, legs, feet and hands
  • Burning Pain
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Hypersensitivity to touch

Untreated or severe peripheral neuropathy can produce muscle atrophy, uncontrollable muscle contractions or twitching and loss of reflexes.

Causes of peripheral neuropathy vary from injury, trauma or surgical procedures to diabetes mellitus, endocrine disorders and autoimmune diseases. Bacterial or viral infections such as shingles, West Nile virus or Epstein-Barr virus can also provoke peripheral neuropathy by attacking and inflaming nerve tissues.

Peripheral Neuropathy Vibration Therapy For Diabetics

Diabetics who do not follow their diet or take their medication as indicated commonly suffer peripheral neuropathy. Atherosclerosis — hardening of the arteries — can restrict arteries in the lower extremities of diabetics, especially those who live sedentary lifestyles, smoke and have unchecked high blood pressure.

In addition, if you are a diabetic and your legs and feet do not receive enough oxygen as a result of peripheral neuropathy, feet and leg infections cannot heal properly. Severe lower extremity infections in diabetics can rapidly lead to gangrene unless immediately and professionally addressed.

Even more important to a diabetic’s health is their ability to get daily exercise. Walking, jogging, bicycling and any other weight-bearing activity encourages blood flow throughout the body. Physical activity especially forces blood into your extremities where most peripheral neuropathies occur. If you have diabetes and cannot exercise due to your age or other health problems, VibePlate’s peripheral neuropathy vibration machine can provide the muscle and circulatory exercise you need through effective biomechanical oscillation (BMO).

When you stand on a peripheral neuropathy vibration platform, your musculoskeletal structures receive therapeutic, rapidly repeating vibrations — acceleration forces — that elicit stretch reflexes from your muscles. Muscle cells transmit these stretch reflex signals to your central nervous system. Your muscles then experience these signals as similar to the beneficial effects of aerobic or weight-bearing exercises.

Advantages of whole body peripheral neuropathy vibration are the same as the health benefits you enjoy when you exercise daily, such as:

  • Improved blood circulation due to repeated contraction and release of your muscles
  • Oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood that quickly replaces blood containing waste and oxygen-depleted blood cells
  • Enhanced elasticity and tone of skeletal muscles
  • Increased nerve firings that help reduce peripheral neuropathic pain
  • Increased bone density and decreased bone fragility — peripheral neuropathy vibration therapy also stimulates bone cells to inhibit bone resorption and promote bone remodeling

Whether you suffer diabetic peripheral neuropathy or other peripheral nerve damage due to disease, VibePlate can help. It may reduce the severity of distressing symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy while fine-tuning your overall health. Start improving your quality of life today by using our peripheral neuropathy vibration machine just 15 minutes a day.

VibePlate specializes in whole body vibrating platform machines for peripheral neuropathy therapy treatment and more. Contact us today for more information by emailing or calling 402.796.2025.

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