Increased Speed - VibePlate

increased explosiveness

increase stride

recover faster from workouts

see results up to 2x faster

  • increase muscle strength
  • improve flexibility
  • promote joint mobility
  • aids muscle memory
  • activates fast twitch muscle fibers
  • helps prevent injury
  • increase range of motion
  • increase production of growth and repair hormones
  • strengthen stabilizer muscles
  • improve balance & coordination
  • increase core strength
  • perform sport specific exercises
  • functional movements/stretches
  • improve agility
  • increase acceleration

Build Speed With a VibePlate Athletic Vibration Machine

Across the country, elite athletes are recognizing the value a VibePlate machine can bring to their training. The VibePlate is the most sophisticated athletic vibration machine on the market today, and a fixture in the workout and rehabilitation rooms of professional and college sports teams.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or simply want to improve your overall health and fitness, a VibePlate vibration machine is a great way to compliment your existing training regimen.

Unlock the Power of Vertical Vibration

When used as part of a comprehensive training program, VibePlate’s vertical vibration technology helps elite athletes take their performance to the next level. Through a series of rapid vertical vibrations, VibePlate activates fast twitch muscle fibers, strengthening and toning targeted areas while improving circulation and overall agility, balance and coordination. Whereas conventional training such as weightlifting and aerobics can only activate, at most, 40 percent of targeted muscle fibers, VibePlate provides a more comprehensive workout that lets you see tangible improvements in speed and strength faster.

User Testimonials

Here’s what some of our users have to say about their experience with our vibration machines for athletes:

“I’m a huge fan of VibePlate, as it’s aided me tremendously in my workouts. It’s helped me to increase my speed, strength and stamina, which I feel will pay off on the field.”

Carlos Quentin, All-Star outfielder with the San Diego Padres

“During our indoor track season, one of my junior-high athletes was unable to do much speed training. He used the VibePlate a great deal in the 15 days leading to our upcoming indoor meet. With very little speed work, minor conditioning and a high increase in his flexibility, his 60-meter time dropped by nearly .21 seconds.”

Coach James, Nebraska Midwest Track Club

“When it comes to Whole Body Vibration (WBV), more strength, more speed, rapid recovery, increased flexibility and coordination are all possible. This revolutionary form of training is sweeping the country, and BCPT is excited to offer it to its patients.”

JC Kovolyan, MSPT, APTA, Bristol County Physical Therapy

What these testimonials confirm is that VibePlate can benefit nearly any athlete. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to increase your speed, VibePlate can help you achieve your goals.

User Testimonials

Standing up to the wear and tear incurred by an elite athlete’s training routine is a difficult task for any athletic vibration machine. Only VibePlate products feature rock-solid, made-in-the-USA construction you can trust to deliver reliable performance time after time. Unlike companies that manufacture their products overseas, at VibePlate we stand behind everything we sell with comprehensive warranty coverage.

Our products are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. VibePlate athletic vibration machines can support up to 2,400 pounds and are available with either heavy-duty steel or lightweight aluminum frame construction. Check out the Products page to see our full list of vibration machines for athletes, trainers and physical therapists. For more information, keep browsing our website or contact our office to speak with a rep directly.


High School Sports
Strength & Conditioning Coaches (CSCS)
CrossFit Boxes
Golf Facilities
Acceleration Training
Martial Arts
Sports Injury Clinics


Sports Injuries
Muscle Pull
Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Lower Back Pain
Runner’s Knee
Shin Splints
Ankle Sprain
Arch Pain

Featured Users

Ohio State University
University of Alabama
Seattle Seahawks
University of Texas
University of Michigan
University of Florida
Detroit Tigers
Boston Celtics
Kansas City Royals
Indianapolis Colts
Chicago White Sox
Arizona Cardinals
….Many More

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The benefits listed on this web site are based on independent studies which reference years of research into (WBV) whole body vibration exercise.

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