Power Exercise Vibration Machine - VibePlate

increased explosiveness

increase muscle strength

faster recovery from workout

see results up to 2x faster

  • activate fast twitch muscle fibers
  • increase muscle strength
  • increase core strength
  • improve flexibility
  • promote joint mobility
  • helps prevent injury
  • increase range of motion
  • increase production of growth and repair hormones
  • strengthen stabilizer muscles
  • perform functional movements
  • instant energy boost
  • faster warm up tool
  • increase acceleration
  • improve balance

Vertical Vibration and Explosive Exercise

Explosive power exercises are a great way for athletes to build strength and speed though short, intense drills. Like all high-intensity, high-impact exercises, however, there are limits to the benefits they can have on their own. By pairing explosive power exercises with a whole-body performance vibration machine such as the VibePlate, athletes and fitness enthusiasts can see faster gains, improved overall stamina and a wide range of other benefits.

How it Works

The VibePlate is a small, powered platform that generates rapid vertical vibrations. When you stand on the VibePlate and perform your normal exercise routine, these vibrations trigger fast twitch muscle fibers that aren’t normally engaged. As a result, you get a deeper workout that exercises up to 100 percent of targeted muscles, building strength, increasing explosiveness and reducing the risk of injury.

VibePlate machines feature adjustable speeds up to 60 Hz, allowing you to customize your workout to a desired level of intensity. Our heavy-duty products are available in multiple sizes to accommodate different types of explosive power workouts, whether they include weight training, plyometrics, CrossFit or anything else.

The VibePlate in Action

Still not convinced about the benefits of using a performance vibration machine to build explosive power? Check out the experience of Malcolm Havens, world champion submission grappler:

“I started off on the VibePlate doing plyometrics. Jumping from a plyo box to the VibePlate, and back up to another plyo box. The first time I tried this maneuver I struggled with jumping up to a 24 inch box, then a 36 inch box (a total of 48 inches). So the cumulative vertical improvement and explosive power was 24 inches” – Malcolm Havens, World Champion Submission Grappler

If the VibePlate can generate noticeable gains in an athlete already at the top of his game, just imagine what it could do for you. Is it any wonder the VibePlate is the preferred choice of world-class training facilities, such as those used by the Arizona Cardinals, Ohio State University and the U.S. military?

The Trainer’s Choice in Performance Vibration Machines

Compare VibePlate to similar devices on the market today and it is clear what sets us apart. All aspects of the VibePlate have been designed with the needs of today’s most demanding elite athletes in mind. Our products are the only ones that:

  • Utilize true vertical vibration that reproduces and intensifies the forces of gravity for a more natural, less dangerous workout
  • Feature a high-power single motor design that eliminates synchronization issues that can negate the effectiveness of a whole body performance vibration machine
  • Are strong enough to withstand repeated, high-intensity explosive power workouts from an athlete weighing 300 pounds or more
  • Can be configured to support an extensive range of users and training goals, from improving explosive power to aiding recovery from injury and illness
  • Feature American-made quality construction and are backed by an exclusive, industry-leading warranty

If you’re looking to unlock your true potential and start seeing meaningful gains in your explosive power, VibePlate is just the thing you need to take fitness to the next level. Check out our Products page for pricing and detailed information, read our FAQs or contact our office directly to learn more.


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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The benefits listed on this web site are based on independent studies which reference years of research into (WBV) whole body vibration exercise.

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