Greater Posture Stability

Whole-body vibration therapy has been shown to create positive effects in both the short term and long term, even in younger people. Looking at young men with a mean age of 28, one study found vibration training three times a week for four weeks significantly improved their postural stability.

Postural stability is a measure of your body’s balance and the ability to maintain a body position. You’ve tested this any time you stood on one leg during a yoga pose or when trying to reach something on a high shelf. Postural stability is a complex body process that relies on musculoskeletal and sensory systems.
Your body wants to stay upright, and improving your postural stability helps you maintain your footing as you move about and can reduce the likelihood of falling, whether you’re exercising, playing or just taking a walk.

This study had some great news, because it even found improved stability after people stopped using a vibration platform machine. That means this benefit of vibration therapy can stay with you even if you need to reduce your training or lengthen intervals. It’s a top way to improve your overall health for the long term.

Relieve That Back Pain

There is a lot of evidence pointing to the benefits vibration therapy could provide to people who suffer from back pain, especially in the lower back. Most people will experience back pain during their life, which means vibration may play a larger role in the overall health of everyone.

Lower back pain is hard to diagnose, but a common cause is a weakening of lower back muscles. This can occur when people sit at work because that action tightens some muscles while it weakens others, putting stress on your back. Prolonged sitting — which is a problem for many of us who work behind a computer most days — can make the problem worse by causing a lumbar extension that will disrupt the joints in your back and cause pain.

Whole-body vibration therapy can strengthen and reinforce many of these muscles in a comfortable environment that does not put pressure on your back or cause it to rotate while already under strain. This benefit can help you strengthen your back and get it ready for a longer workout, helping you improve your back health for the rest of your life.

Vibration plate therapy may also relieve back pain because it can lead to endorphin release, easing pain and giving you a sense of reprieve as you improve your muscles. A new study has been proposed to determine if extended use of vibration therapy will produce positive effects on lower back pain, both in comparison to and in addition to general exercise. This will be a major boon to both overall health and the vibration therapy community.

Please note that severe medical conditions, such as acute hernias, must heal before you use vibration therapy. A vibration platform may help you improve your body to prevent future injuries, but it should not be used until a doctor has cleared you for activity.

Improve Your Flexibility

Vibration platform training has been proven to strengthen flexors throughout your body, helping hands, feet and limbs move with greater ease or less pain. Increasing your strength and flexibility are primary requirements of an excellent workout and can lead to general improvements in your health and life.

Using a vibration therapy machine such as a VibePlate can help you strengthen the most important joints for physical activity as well as for growing older safely.

Whole-body vibration exercises were shown to significantly improve ankle flexor strength and power, delivering stronger improvements than those who exercised without a vibration therapy machine. The same study also found that vibration exercise training produced the same strengthening benefits as an exercise program consisting of three sessions each week for two months.

In practical use, vibration therapy machines can improve the benefits of stretches already designed to enhance flexibility. A vibration plate will give more muscles a workout when you’re stretching and can help ensure that you easily address the full range of motion in joints.

Jump for Muscle Joy

Vibration therapy has some overall health benefits, but don’t believe others who say it’ll make you Superman.

But the great news is these studies still prove vibration therapy to have overall benefits to your health!

One Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research study found that most squat exercising needs a four-minute recovery period and that vibration therapy doesn’t improve or harm recovery rates. However, in drop jumps exercises, there were improvements when using whole-body vibration therapy.

The biggest takeaway from this study is that vibration therapy provides small benefits overall, especially when someone is trying to be more physically active. It can improve your ability to jump alongside any benefits to general health that can support recovery from injury or increased movements.

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