You requested info on how the VibePlate is helping.
strengthen my fingers – (I play the piano for church)
correcting protruding knuckles on my hands
strengthen my back – (I have spinal stenosis – the muscles pulled when not using the plate hurting much)
stopping pain in my hip – (my hip protrudes a lot)
relaxing the muscles in my back – (I was stooped over not able to straighten up)
relaxing the muscles in my neck – (Not be able to straighten up made the neck hurt)
strengthen my ankles relieving pain – ( Needed to modify orthotics)
general help in being able to move freely
I was very doubtful in the beginning but took the word of Gary Gray that it would help. I use it 15 minutes a day not missing more than 1 day in 14. I now am totally sold! Thanks again!
Betty, Michigan

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