This list of contraindications is not absolute. If one of the conditions listed applies to you we strongly advise that you consult with your physician before using. Recovering from surgery, serious cardiovascular disease, disease, known neurological conditions,...

Conventional vs Vibration Training

More results in half the time! In a conventional training session, only 40% of the muscle fibers are exercised; with Whole Body Vibration (WBV) training on the VibePlateยฎ that percentage reaches the 100% mark. And it’s not only the muscle tissue that reacts, it...

Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment Options

VibePlate – Better Quality of Life Are you looking for a better quality of life where you live pain free? Are you searching for something to help you with Fibromyalgia? VibePlate can help. Doctors, trainers and chiropractors have all had success using...
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