The VibePlate® gave me the best relief I could imagine. Four years ago after chemotherapy treatment for cancer, I developed diabetes and peripheral neuropathy which gave me constant pain and tingling in my feet and one hand.  Everybody I went to said no cure, no relief. I was desperate, I tried everything, studied peripheral neuropathy, even tried acupuncture. I tried everything I could to relieve the pain. With no results. Then I tried the VibePlate®. In just 5 minutes the pain and tingling went away. The warmth came back into my feet and hand. I had to see it to believe it. It has improved my quality of life, there are no words that can describe how I feel after the VibePlate®. I use the VibePlate® every couple of days, and that manages the suffering and pain I had for, four years.  Using the railing on the VibePlate® helped bring back normal feeling to my hand, as the railing transmitted the vibration in to my hand. No more pain, no more tingling.
Dale, Nebraska