Randy, first I wanted to thank you for your great customer service. Secondly, I wanted to let know this is by far the best investment that I have ever made toward my life. This VibePlate® has saved my career in the military due to recovery this machine has allowed me to make. Which has effected my family and my environment and our continued way of our priviliged life in this country. I had surgery on my L4-L5 vertebrae and after that, and during rehab I could not move or function. I felt numbness in my leg, it would lock up, I had to crawl. Doctors told me that I was going to have to live with that the rest of my life. When I got the VibePlate® results were immediate, I am near 95% back to full motion. Even my golf game has gotten better, I have added 30-40 yards teeing off. Thanks again for making a difference Randy. Devon, Colorado