VibePlate® is a no brainer.  In 17 years it is the best thing that I have bought for my office. I see great spinal correction.  If that wasn’t enough, research shows benefits including: muscle strength, tone and endurance, blood and lymph circulation, improvement with varicose veins and high blood pressure, decrease inflammation, decrease pain, mobilize joints, reduce stress, decrease scar tissue, osteoporosis, improve posture and balance, decrease cortisol, increase GH and weight loss just to name a few. I have personally seen every single one of these benefits with the exception of cortisol & GH, but I don’t do blood work in my office or I’m sure that I would. By the way: I have x-rays of fractures healing in 6 days (not weeks but days!). I have seen this multiple times with my practice members, our church secretary and my own CA. My mother who is 77 year old mother who fell down the stairs and broke her ankle this past year owes her speed of recovery to VibePlate®. I talked to the surgeon who said it was the worse break he had seen in his 10 year career (2 steel plates and a dozen screws).

Dr. Pete Wurdemann, Wurdemann Family Chiropractic, North Branch, Minnesota

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