Yoga Vibration Machine - VibePlate

increased flexibility

increase muscle strength

circulatory health

see results up to 2x faster

  • aids in weight loss
  • improve metabolism
  • increased energy
  • increase bone density
  • lymphatic circulation
  • improve balance
  • aids arthritis
  • detox
  • improve posture
  • joint mobility
  • core strength
  • muscle tone
  • reduce joint pain
  • improve coordination
  • aids in injury prevention
  • increase recovery time

The VibePlate Yoga Plate

One of our most popular sellers, the VibePlate Yoga Plate is a sophisticated yoga vibration machine that helps burn calories faster and provides a number of additional health benefits. Using the power of vertical vibration, the Yoga Plate compliments a standard yoga practice to provide an enhanced workout, stimulating the lymph system and massaging muscles.

If you’re serious about taking your health and well-being to the next level, get off the mat and onto the Yoga Plate. You’ll feel the benefits immediately, and quickly learn why our product is the preferred choice of top trainers and therapists across the country.

Get More Out of Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is a great way of engaging the core, building muscle strength and improving balance. One of the main reasons for the popularity of yoga as an exercise and weight-loss program is that it can be adapted for participants of all skills levels. Beginners can enjoy a gentle workout while more advanced practitioners can explore and attempt more demanding poses that burn calories and improve muscle tone.

The great thing about adding a yoga vibration machine to your practice is that it can provide benefits no matter where you are. If you’re just starting out, you’ll find a vibration machine helps you get in shape and see results faster. If you are already an active yogi, a Yoga Plate subtly deepens and enhances the effect of a good practice.

What Is Vibration Training?

VibePlate products work by stimulating muscles as you exercise. Our product uses rapid vertical vibration to engage the muscles in up to 40 microcontractions per second. Whereas most conventional forms of exercise focus on actively stretching out muscles, the effect of a yoga vibration machine is more passive. While you go through your regular sequence of poses, the additional benefits of the VibePlate work to improve lymph system health, increase circulation, boost immune function, reduce stress, increase flexibility, improve balance and posture, build bone and joint strength and more.

Think of it as a massage that works your muscles while you exercise. The effect is slight enough not to disturb your practice, but works over time to enhance the already significant health benefits you get from making yoga a regular part of your life.

Trusted by Health and Fitness Experts

VibePlate yoga vibration machines can be found in leading health clubs and physical therapy clinics across the country. Our products are used by professional athletic organizations and the U.S. military as part of training and rehabilitation. The Yoga Plate is an excellent vibration machine for weight loss, flexibility and overall health and wellness. Its larger size provides the ideal surface for all variants of yoga practice, and its adjustable speed function allows you to dial in the right intensity level for you.

All VibePlate products are made in the USA and backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business. We are confident your investment in a yoga vibration machine is one that will deliver lasting health benefits for years to come. To learn more about any of our products, check our Reviews and FAQs pages, or contact our office directly.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The benefits listed on this web site are based on independent studies which reference years of research into (WBV) whole body vibration exercise.

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