Our patient Betsey had injured herself in a fall. She had a deep bruise that covered all of her hamstring. It was deep purple and black when she came in, and was in a considerable amount of pain. As we know, a bruise like this one would take at least 3 weeks to completely go away. With using the VibePlate the 4 days per week that our office is open, we were watching the bruise disappear before our eyes! It went from the black/purple to lighter shades of that within a week. It then almost completely disappeared after 2 weeks. She didn’t even experience the green and brown colors. It was as if the healing was so quick that it skipped those steps! Betsey was so impressed that she has now purchased a VibePlate to use at home! She is so happy with the results! Both of her children use the VibePlate every day as well! Thank you again Randy for taking such good care of us here! We really appreciate you taking time to give us immediate and wonderful attention! We will certainly keep business coming your way!
Jen, Bisson Chiropractic, Kansas

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