I just wanted to update you on our VibePlate journey.  It’s only been about a month since we got it home, but we can see and mostly feel changes.  We both feel more energetic.  Speaking for myself, I know that I am doing exercises on the VibePlate that if I were doing them without the VibePlate, I would have sore muscles along with some aches and pains.  With the VibePlate, there has never been any muscle soreness or joint aches and pains.  We have both increased the intensity and duration during this first month and utilize the VibePlate daily.  We have offered its use to friends and family who just look at us with confusion when we tell them how much better we feel using it than not.  We’ll keep working on that.  We are looking forward to seeing how the VibePlate  will assist us in making our inevitable aging process better as that journey continues.  I’m glad we made this commitment.
Karen, Kansas

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