Just wanted to let you know how our experience with the Vibe plate has been. Since we got the plate on the 13th, Mary has been using it every single day. She started with 30 minutes a day at 20 Hz, and has increased that to 50 minutes a day. Over the last week she has noticed that the evening dystonia after the last Sinemet dose has worn off has decreased overall by about 20%. This has resulted in much more peaceful evenings as the dystonia that she has experienced have been painful.

Mary has also noticed that she is not festinating as severely during her “off” time. She has been experiencing mild wheezing as a side effect of the Sinemet; when she uses the plate, she has no wheezing. The Vibe plate makes the wheezing stop immediately. The wheezing started when she was on the Neupro patch which she came off of back on 10/31.

The VibePlate also helps calm her down, relaxing her sympathetic nervous system which is definitely a good thing. At this point, the plate has been a good investment in Mary’s health. Michael & Mary O., California

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