Chiropractors deal with a number of soft-tissue injuries. Torn muscles that heal on their own can become a source of chronic pain. The only way to remedy the problem is by breaking up those scar tissues and encouraging the body to heal in healthy ways. Neuromuscular reeducation accomplishes this in many ways, such as deep-tissue massage and vibration therapy.

Whole body vibration (WBV) therapy is useful in treatment of many physical conditions. It lowers inflammation, builds muscle, increases flexibility and breaks apart scar tissue and fused bone fragments. The technology is used to treat an endless number of sports injuries, along with ailments like scoliosis and cerebral palsy.

The Impact of Rapid Micro-Movements

WBV uses quantity over quality when breaking down hardened tissues. As vibrations impact your body, your muscles engage and relax in rapid success in an effort to steady your movements. This burst of activity helps to break apart these deep scar tissues. The process also helps encourage healthy healing by placing your muscle groups under short spurts of increased stress. For the same reason, WBV is very effective at increasing bone density and muscle mass.

In addition, when guided by a trained therapist, you can use vibration therapy to teach your muscles how to respond to stimuli without getting hurt. Partly, anyway. While much of the process is happening beneath the surface, NMR may require you to do specific work in the clinic or on your own. Lasting results depend on you avoiding further injury. This takes a combination of unconscious muscle training and changing habits to protect vulnerable areas while you build strength and improve your flexibility.

Sustained vibration therapy will go a long way to maximizing those efforts as well. Whether you’re able to lift 5 pounds or 50 pounds, you’ll get more results from your efforts if you’re performing those exercises during a vibration session. Studies show significant strength gain when combining WBV with your conventional weight-training routine when compared to exercise alone.

Secondary Benefits of Vibration Therapy

Soft tissue injury and chronic pain go hand-in-hand. It just so happens that WBV is one of the most effective methods for managing long-term pain and depression. Studies show regular vibration therapy reduces pain by up to 40 percent. Cortisol levels in the blood fall too, giving you a buffer against the blues.

Overweight and obese patients face special concerns. Extra weight contributes to limited mobility and encourages injury. A study comparing WBV showed exercises performed during vibration sessions lead to long-lasting weight loss rates topping 10 percent.

You’ll be surprised by all the benefits vibration therapy provides you beyond NMR, and for the most part, this is an incredibly easy and convenient treatment to add to your existing regimen. The most important thing to remember is to have your first treatment under the guidance of a professional. While vibration therapy manages many problems, there are select patients who should stick to alternative therapies.

Reclaim your independence, free yourself from pain and protect your body from future injury. Add WBV machines to your current treatment plan, and complete your NMR in no time.

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