Whole-body vibration therapy can improve overall motor control because it works many muscles all across your body. The activity generated by vibrations can make you stronger and increase the stability that muscles and joints naturally try to maintain, according to leading research.

When looking specifically at Parkinson’s disease, researchers found that a vibration therapy machine was able to create improvements in every symptom they measured. Patients had fewer tremors, less rigidity in their joints and muscles and were able to perform fine motor function tasks better.

Parkinson’s disease cannot be cured today, but doctors work hard to help patients control symptoms. Whole-body vibration therapy can play a major role in keeping muscles healthy and retaining control. Every reduction in tremors is a major win for any sufferer and their family. We’re excited to see how much sufferers will benefit as vibration therapy machines become part of standard therapy and long-term studies determine the full extent of its benefits.

What Does the Mayo Clinic Say?

The Mayo Clinic is a well-respected health source that often dismisses the health benefits of new therapies such as the use of a vibration platform. However, even their doctors have admitted that there are significant benefits of vibration therapy for most people.

Edward R. Laskowski, M.D., says there is an existing body of research supporting whole-body vibration as a way to promote general improvements to muscle strength, and that it can play a role in weight loss when it is paired with caloric intake reduction.

When performed correctly and under medical care when necessary, whole-body vibration exercise has been proven to reduce back pain, reduce bone loss and improve the balance of older adults, says Dr. Laskowski. For healthier individuals, he recommends vibration platform therapy be combined with aerobic and strength training exercises to help your body reach its peak.

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