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For many diabetics and others who are plagued with peripheral neuropathy, treatment options are limited to powerful medications like antidepressants, antiepileptics, and opiods. These drugs are very hard on the body and often result in dependence or addiction. Many people seek a more holistic approach to treating neuropathy, only to find that effective natural methods are scarce. The good news is that case studies are showing relief from the pain of peripheral neuropathy in diabetic test subjects who received regular whole body vibration treatments. VibePlate’s vertical vibration system has proven to show significant chronic pain reduction within one week of beginning treatment and immediate acute pain reduction!

Pain reduction is not the only proven benefit of the VibePlate. Patients in these case studies showed improved gait and mobility. Other benefits of using the VibePlate are increased circulation, improved range of motion, stronger muscles and joints, better bone density, improved balance, and much more. The possibilities are endless, and, unlike other treatment options, there are no known side effects for using whole body vibration therapy.

This is great news for diabetics and patients who suffer from various diseases like multiple sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, and even osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. The VibePlate has proven time and again that individuals suffering from any of these afflictions are guaranteed an improved quality of life by using the VibePlate. Athletic trainers and medical professionals alike are recommending VibePlate as therapeutic treatment, workout enhancement, and strength training. All exercises performed on the VibePlate, from simple stretches to Pilates and yoga, are showing results two times faster than those performed without it.

A pain-free life is just around the corner, and you don’t have to become dependent on a medication to achieve it. Investing in a VibePlate is investing in yourself and a better future. See how easy it can be to improve your quality of life and start feeling immediate results with VibePlate.

Medical Doctors Love It – Proven Results in Stopping Suffering

After Suffering for Four Years, I Found Relief in Minutes. The VibePlate® gave me the best relief I could imagine. Four years ago after chemotherapy treatment for cancer, I developed diabetes and peripheral neuropathy which gave me constant pain and tingling in my feet and one hand. Everybody I went to said no cure, no relief. I was desperate, I tried everything, studied peripheral neuropathy, even tried acupuncture. I tried everything I could to relieve the pain. With no results. Then I tried the VibePlate®. In just 5 minutes the pain and tingling went away. The warmth came back into my feet and hand. I had to see it to believe it. It has improved my quality of life, there are no words that can describe how I feel after the VibePlate®. I use the VibePlate® every couple of days, and that manages the suffering and pain I had for, four years.

– Dale B.

Get Off Your Pain Meds – Amazing, Natural Results

Randy, first I wanted to thank you for your great customer service. Secondly, I wanted to let know this is by far the best investment that I have ever made toward my life. This VibePlate® has saved my career in the military due to recovery this machine has allowed me to make. Which has effected my family and my environment and our continued way of our priviliged life in this country.I had surgery on my L4-L5 vertebrae and after that, and during rehab I could not move or function. I felt numbness in my leg, it would lock up, I had to crawl. Doctors told me that I was going to have to live with that the rest of my life. When I got the VibePlate® results were immediate, I am near 95% back to full motion.

– Devon J.

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