“VibePlate® is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. We use VibePlate® in all phases of our basketball strength and conditioning program. The endless exercises and being able to train in all three planes of motion is highly rewarding. I believe every facility should have at least one VibePlate®.”

David Deets, Arkansas Basketball, Director of Athletic Performance

“The VibePlate® has become an essential part of our basketball training program at the Univeristy of Texas. Our athletes love training with it and we are seeing great results. If you want to gain the competitive edge, then VibePlate® is a must have.”

Todd Wright, University of Texas Men’s Basketball, Strength and Conditioning Coach

“As the head strength coach for UVU, I work with over 150 athletes. I use the VibePlate® for just about everything as it allows me a lot of flexibility with my athletes. I can use is for rehab as well as more challenging exercises, so no matter who the athlete is, they benefit from the VibePlate®. The VibePlate® plays a very import role in my athlete’s overall results.”

Dave Stroshine, Utah Valley University, Head Strength Coach

“One of my athletes gained .21 seconds in the 60 in 15 days. I am the coach for the Midwest Elite Track Club, and we participate in indoor Winter meets around the Midwest and Nationally. I tried the VibePlate with one of my athletes, and in just 15 days he gained .21 seconds in the 60 meters.”

Coach James, Midwest Elite Track Club, Nebraska

Instant Flexibilty. “I find that stretching out on the VibePlate® for 10 minutes is equivalent to stretching for 2 weeks without the VibePlate®.”

Nebraska Club Track Coach

“Honestly the results are simply amazing. Unbelievable gains in flexibility and strength.  Several of my collegiate athletes have given critical acclaim, when asked about the VibePlate®. We recently started using our VibePlate® coupled with a squat machine.  To perform ballistic weight training movements.  We are currently in our second week of training but the results staggering.  Looking forward to continued use and even more ground breaking training methods in pursuit of that exclusive competitive edge while using your VibePlate®.”

Avon B., Ranked and Targeted, North Las Vegas, Nevada

“Fischer Sports just received our VibePlate® and we are already seeing INCREDIBLE results! In fact, we recently had our NFL Combine players use the VibePlate® and all 16 of them were able to obtain personal bests for a particular exercise! Fischer Sports is extremely excited about the endless possibilities of treatment and sports performance techniques by using the VibePlate®.”

Brett Fischer, Fischer Sports

“We have increased athletes vertical jump up to 9 inches in one year. We have increased pitchers velocity 7 mph in just a few months. We have increased the back pedal of athletes from 8 to 15 mph in just an 8 week session. In 10 sessions we had an athlete gain 45 pounds on the bench and add muscle gain of 10 pounds in weight. These are athletes that play multiple sports and still have the time to do Sports Enhancement Training.”

Lincoln Sports Center, NE

“I find the VibePlate® to be an extremely versatile machine. It’s size allows for easy movement and transport, I have found the maintenance to be little to none because of it’s simplicity, and best of all it is sturdy enough, with a great feel and balance, to withstand everything from power lifts, to all levels of plyometric box jumpWe are averaging 5 inches per 8 week session in vertical jump, and 4 tenths of a second improvement in 40 yard sprint.”

Beau Chavez, Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy, NM

“F.A.S.T. of NW Ohio is one of the largest most comprehensive training centers in the country and we would be greatly shortcutting our training results without VibePlate® training. We utilize VibePlate® in all areas of training from the high elite professional athlete to our 80 year old fitness clients to our rehab clients and more.

When we first were introduced to VibePlate® we were very skeptical about the effects it could really have overall on enhancing our training results. Within a few weeks of using VibePlate® we began to see noticeable additional results in our training benefits. We are one of the most comprehensive that you can find in the training world and I would say the VibePlate® is one of our most necessary training tools that we have. EVERY true training center should have a VibePlate® if you really are about getting results.”

Tim Lones, Owner of F.A.S.T. of N.W. Ohio Athletes

“Using the VibePlate® accompanied with ballistic and plyometric training methods has yielded outlandish gains in both my middle and high school programs. For instance a middle school basketball player jumping on a 36 inch jump box and very soon to a 42 inch jump box all because of the rapid gains caused by using the VibePlate®, thank you!!”

Coach Von, Ranked and Targeted P.E., “A champion is not born but BUILT.”

“It’s really impressive.We have been putting everyone on the VibePlate® and have seen amazing gains. We’ve had gymnasts, dancers, high school and college athletes, patients with ACL repairs, chronic ankle sprains, quadriceps rupture repairs, hamstring strains, and even back pain that have all benefited significantly from working out on the VibePlate®. Any exercise you would normally do on land, and its benefits, can be performed and enhanced on the VibePlate®.”

JC, Bristol County Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, Bristol, Rhode Island

“The VibePlate® is an integral part of our program at RCHSS as it works effectively with post-therapy, special populations, general fitness and sports performance. The size and weight limits are real advantages because they allow diverse training applications including total body balance, flexibility, and even heavy lifting and plyometrics.”

Neil Wolkodoff, PhD, Program Director, RCHSS

“Gained 7 inches in vertical in 7 weeks. I have trained at Lincoln Sports Center and am using the VibePlate® as part of my training program. I have gained 7 inches in my vertical in just 7 weeks.”

Dominic G, Nebraska

“It loosens me up. I use the VibePlate® all of the time to loosen up before a game or practice. It gives me more flexibility.”

Jeff T., University of Nebraska Baseball

“Benching over 300 pounds in just a couple of weeks. I am a former football player for Penn State University and when I was playing I could bench over 300 pounds. I am in my 40’s now and am benching around 225. After a couple of weeks using the VibePlate® I am now back to benching over 300 pounds again. In just a couple of weeks.”

John M., Pennsylvania

“I went 6 inches higher in the pole vault from stretching and warming up on the VibePlate® the first week I got it. I just received my VibePlate® last week, I am 61 years old and still compete in pole vaulting. After stretching out and getting warmed up on the VibePlate®, I went 12’5, 6 inches higher than I had ever gone before.”

John L., Michigan

“I gained 14 inches in my vertical jump in 18 months. This was while I was out for high school basketball and baseball with a pulled hamstring. And during the off-season gained 20 pounds of lean muscle.”

Chris W., Nebraska

“I ran a 10.5 100m at the age of 41. Chiropractor and trainer Tim McCrossen 41, won the masters exhibition 60-meter dash at the Boston open nationals last month. (Tim qualified for the four-man event at 1994 Winter Olympics in Norway but missed the medal round by .01 second.) Tim won easily in 7.19 seconds. I didn’t time my training well as I took the seven-year layoff and thought I had to train like a madman for five or six months for that meet. I ran a 10.5 hand time 100 in Dayton in June and I hadn’t even started doing speed work at that point in the season. I train more functional training, circuits, and utilize Whole Body Vibration which is unbelievable and I feel (is) the wave of future training. We use the VibePlate® in our vibration training.”

Dr. Tim McCrossen, Next Level Speed, Cincinnati, Ohio

Gained 24 inches of explosive power. “I started off on the VibePlate® doing plyometrics. Jumping from a plyo box to the VibePlate®, and back up to another plyo box. The first time I tried this maneuver I struggled with jumping up to a 24 inch box. In 8 weeks, I was stacking 3 boxes on top of each other, the first box was a 30 inch box, then a 12 inch box, then a 6 inch box (a total of 48 inches). So, the cumulative vertical improvement and explosive power was 24 inches.”

Malcolm Havens, World Champion Submission Grappler

“I come from the Czech Republic and am here in the States playing hockey. My mom is a medical doctor so I was the biggest skeptic when it came to Chiropractic. After the brutal beatings taken during practices and games I come in and literally fall asleep while laying on the Vibe Plate® at Wurdemann Family Chiropractic. Prior to this experience, I would take a lot of prescription drugs, ate Ibuprofen like candy and still hurt most all the time. But now with Chiropractic and the VibePlate®, this brought my game to an all new level and I’m rarely sore!”

David V., Minnesota

“In just a couple of minutes I increased my vertical jump over an inch from just the warm up and standing on the VibePlate®.”

Christopher Wobig, Iowa Western Community College

“After standing on the VibePlate® for just a couple of minutes I increased my stretch nearly 6 inches. Also, it really helps the soreness in muscles.”

Vershan Jackson, former Nebraska Cornhusker

My 18 yr old who practically lives on the VibePlate® and gets adjusted regularly went to State for Cross Country and placed 17th out of the 160 runners. He credits God, Chiropractic and VibePlate®.”

Dr. Pete W., Minnesota

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