Body fat loss a record. “I knew the VibePlate® was the real thing when after only using it for a few weeks, my jeans were able to fit again. After meeting with my nutritionist at a very well known Sports Nutrition Store (national), he said that the rate I was losing my body fat was “a record”. The only new thing I had added into my workout, was the VibePlate®.”

Shelli, Lincoln, Nebraska

Lost 15 inches. “My friend and I did a 5 session exercise program on the VibePlate®. Before I started, I measured many parts of my body, including upper arms, neck, chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves and even ankles. After only 5 – 15 minute sessions I lost a total of 16 inches.”

Yvette, Nebraska

Great for the legs and energizing.”I just received our VibePlate® and I told the FedEx man about the plate and what it did for me. He complained of having leg pains and being tired all the time. I told him he could try ours after we set it in place he got on it and he felt so much better. He called me later and told his girl friend to get online and order them one. He was so appreciative that we let them use it.”

Jurena C., South Carolina

My health has improved tremendously “Hello Randy, My health has improved tremendously since using the VibePlate® (February). My muscle tone has increased dramatically. My body fat has reduced greatly. My massage therapist says my lymphatic drainage system is awesome. Co-incidentally my chiro appointments are great – my chiropractor (who also bought a machine from you) does not need to do many adjustments at all! I have lost considerable weight, toned up and feel great! And I continue to have these great impacts from using the machine. I love using it. Its fun….I can dance, march or do weight bearing exercises on it, so I vary my routine. Most importantly I don’t have to spend a lot of time exercising on the machine which is key for me….I’m a single mom of 3 so time is a very precious commodity to me! Thank you very much!”

C.H-Jones, Ontario Canada

“Oh yea it helps loosen tight muscles and stiff joints and I use your program about 3 times a week and that keeps some muscle integrity.”

Ken A., Minnesota

“I bought the VibePlate® to assist me in staying agile. It helps my arthritis by concentrating exercise to my core muscles with the minimum of effort and time spent. I feel much better. I do stretches and crunches on the VibePlate® these help enormously. Life sure is better with VibePlate® than without!”

Gayle C, Kent, WA

“Thanks for taking the time to give me so much valuable information on the VibePlate®. After using the VibePlate® for just two weeks I am able to mount my seventeen hand horse without having to step on a step of some kind. At sixty-four years old, it has been a few years since I have been able to reach the stirrup without some kind of help. Now my next goal is to be able to vault into the saddle over the horse’s rump, something I haven’t done in thirty years. If the VibePlate® gets me there also, that WILL REALLY be something to write you about.”

Lee in Las Vegas, Nevada

“I am in my 60’s and was beginning to feel very stiff in my hips. Standing and sitting on the VibePlate® immediately relieved the stiffness. I also lay back on it in the bridge pose to relieve the tension in my upper back which was getting very painful. When I do yoga stretches and poses on the VibePlate® it helps me stretch further. I really appreciate the agility the VibePlate® is helping me to achieve.”

Carolyn in Toronto, Canada

“Great Exercise machine.”

Harold K., Park City, UT

“It was a pleasure dealing with the folks at Gray Institute while purchasing my VibePlate®. I ordered a custom sized plate and it was delivered on schedule. The plate is very well made, very easy to use and very effective. If you’re  looking for a vibration plate that is durable, heavy grade and made with a lot of attention to detail, VibePlate® is where you need to go.”

Ed K., Chesterfield, MO.

“I have recently acquired a VibePlate® for use personally and in my practice. Tight muscle problems seem to affect everyone and we are always on the look out for ways to help patients with this condition. I am impressed with the way VibePlate® can increase the flexability of muscles and tissues in a short period of time. I have personally seen patients be able to bend over and touch the floor within minutes of standing on the VibePlate®. I highly recommend this new therapy.”

Dr. Joseph Johnigk D.C., Bartonville, IL


“Fischer Sports just received our VibePlate® and we are already seeing INCREDIBLE results! In fact, we recently had our NFL Combine players use the VibePlate® and all 16 of them were able to obtain personal bests for a particular exercise! Fischer Sports is extremely excited about the endless possibilities of treatment and sports performance techniques by using the VibePlate®.”

Brett Fischer, Fischer Sports

“Honestly the results are simply amazing. Unbelievable gains in flexibility and strength. Several of my collegiate athletes have given critical acclaim, when asked about the VibePlate®. We recently started using our VibePlate® coupled with a squat machine. To perform ballistic weight training movements. We are currently in our second week of training but the results staggering. Looking forward to continued use and even more ground breaking training methods in pursuit of that exclusive competitive edge while using your VibePlate®.”

Avon B., Ranked and Targeted, Nevada

“We have increased athletes vertical jump up to 9 inches in one year. We have increased pitchers velocity 7 mph in just a few months. We have increased the back pedal of athletes from 8 to 15 mph in just an 8 week session. In 10 sessions we had an athlete gain 45 pounds on the bench and add muscle gain of 10 pounds in weight. These are athletes that play multiple sports and still have the time to do Sports Enhancement Training.”

Lincoln Sports Center, NE

“F.A.S.T. of NW Ohio is one of the largest most comprehensive training centers in the country and we would be greatly shortcutting our training results without VibePlate® training. We utilize VibePlate® in all areas of training from the high elite professional athlete to our 80 year old fitness clients to our rehab clients and more.

When we first were introduced to VibePlate® we were very skeptical about the effects it could really have overall on enhancing our training results. Within a few weeks of using VibePlate® we began to see noticeable additional results in our training benefits. We are one of the most comprehensive that you can find in the training world and I would say the VibePlate® is one of our most necessary training tools that we have. EVERY true training center should have a VibePlate® if you really are about getting results.”

Tim Lones, Owner of F.A.S.T. of N.W. Ohio Athletes

“Using the VibePlate® accompanied with ballistic and plyometric training methods has yielded outlandish gains in both my middle and high school programs. For instance a middle school basketball player jumping on a 36 inch jump box and very soon to a 42 inch jump box all because of the rapid gains caused by using the VibePlate®, thank you!!”

Coach Von, Ranked and Targeted P.E., “A champion is not born but BUILT”.

“I find the VibePlate® to be an extremely versatile machine. It’s size allows for easy movement and transport, I have found the maintenance to be little to none because of it’s simplicity, and best of all it is sturdy enough, with a great feel and balance, to withstand everything from power lifts, to all levels of plyometric box jumps. We are averaging 5 inches per 8 week session in vertical jump, and 4 tenths of a second improvement in 40 yard sprint.”

Beau Chavez, Rocky Mountain Performance, New Mexico

“The VibePlate® is an integral part of our program at RCHSS as it works effectively with post-therapy, special populations, general fitness and sports performance. The size and weight limits are real advantages because they allow diverse training applications including total body balance, flexibility, and even heavy lifting and plyometrics.”

Neil Wolkodoff, PhD, Program Director, RCHSS

“The VibePlates® are a hit with our members and clients!! Many prefer them over the PowerPlate machines. Thanks.”

Donna Hubshcer, Stayin’ Alive Fitness Centers

No pain. “I have worked out 4x on my program now, without any low back or shoulder pain!! Thanks.”

Dr. John Morrow, DC, Katy, Texas

Gained 20 pounds in bench press. “I have had clients receive strength gains after doing some low level static exercises for roughly 15 minutes…….the bench press had increased by 20 pounds in one session……the increased has maintained for two weeks.”

Mark, Trainer, Fit Pro, California

“Hi, Randy, I love it, (VibePlate®) it has saved my body numerous times from the stresses and strains of massage therapy especially on very busy days. Unfortunately for my clients though, it is more for personal use since I work from my home and have it located in our Family Room. Maybe someday that will change as my need for space changes.”

Connie E., Certified Massage Therapist, NCTMB, CIMI, Pennsylvania

I love it. “I purchased the VibePlate® recently and I love it. As you know I called you to say how much I loved it.”

Jennifer, Trainer, Splendid, California

More effective work outs. “I like the VibePlate® over others because they are a bad design, and your is a simple design, and makes plyometrics more effective.”

Malcolm Havens, Solid Rock Training, Colorado

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