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The Most Functional and Durable Vibration Platform in the World

There are numerous ways how our customers have been improving themselves and benefiting from the vibration platform by using the VibePlate®.  Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is used everyday for vibration therapy, vibration exercise, sports performance, fitness, rehabilitation, active aging and improving quality of life.

VibePlate Developed Out of Necessity

The VibePlate® started out of necessity.  We had a facility where we trained athletes, offered fitness and health classes.  We wanted to be able to offer WBV to our clients.  We wanted a vibration exercise machine that would provide the type of movement that was preferred by doctors and trainers alike.  But we wanted to also be able to provide this at an effective rate to our clients.  So instead of buying a platform made from another country that cost $10,000 plus, or a cheap plate that would not last, we decided to build our own.  We built VibePlate® based on real experience with our customers and their needs, and the rest is history.

Vibration Platform With a Wide Market

Now VibePlate® made in Lincoln, Nebraska, is used by some of the top universities in the United States, like Alabama, Texas, Florida, Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska, Arkansas, Georgia, USC, South Carolina and many more.  It is used by our US Military, it is used by some of the top medical professionals nationally and internationally.  It is also used by fitness centers, athletic training facilities, high schools, hospitals, rehab clinics, senior centers and more.

Not Just For Humans, But Great For Animals Too

And for animal lovers, veterinarians, trainers and owners, we built the EquiVibe®, which can be seen at Some of our EquiVibe® users are winners of the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Breeder’s Cup Classic, two time World Barrel Racing Champion, two time World Horseman Champion and more. EquiVibe® has a proven “track record”.

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