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Medical & Rehab

Dr. Warren Bruhl, Board Certified Chiropractic Pediatrics, Glencoe, Illinois

I purchased a VibePlate® for my chiropractic practice in Glencoe, IL and we are extremely pleased with the solid design and follow-up that the company has provided. The people at… Read More

Active Aging

Betty, Kansas

I purchased the VibePlate Model 2440, I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis with the highest number being a -2.7 in my hip area. I got serious about it and I… Read More

Health & Fitness

C.H-Jones, Ontario, Canada

My health has improved tremendously since using the VibePlate®. My muscle tone has increased dramatically. My body fat has reduced greatly. My massage therapist says my lymphatic drainage system is… Read More

Athletic Performance

Rob Rathbun – Eagle High School

We tested 20 kids vertical jumps. Each took 3 jumps and recorded the highest score. Then they stood on the VibePlate for 60 seconds and came back for 3 more… Read More

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