Living with constant aches and pains is like a prison, one you can rarely escape from without taking massive doses of drugs. The drugs put further limitations on your life, however, and set you up for addiction. It’s this desperate cycle that leaves so many chronic pain sufferers feeling miserable and hopeless.

What if you found out about an easy-to-administer therapy without many side effects that would only take a few minutes a day to work into your routine?

Introducing Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Used in fitness, in medicine and in the sports sciences, vibration therapy applies a rapid flow of micro-movements to the human body. Your muscles, in turn, contract and release rapidly in response. Performed in short bursts over a period of time, this process creates changes. You build muscle, stamina and energy, and your hormones balance out. You can lose weight or find it easier to sleep. There’s literally a flood of potential benefits.

Specifically, studies show that vibration therapy also reduces swelling and pain, even in patients with chronic pain disorders no one understands. In a study from the University of Florida’s College of Medicine, patients experienced significant relief when exposed to vibration. What’s more, it made a bigger difference in patients who have pain-management disorders. Those suffering from fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions reported a 40 percent drop in discomfort that was nearly instantaneous.

In a second study from the Department of Exercise Science of Willamette University, participants had already failed to respond to conventional treatments. After four weeks of treatment, pain was significantly reduced.

A third study conducted by the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Dongguk University College of Medicine showed similar results. After vibration therapy, considerable changes in the intensity of pain experienced by participants were seen after treatment.

There’s no doubt about it. You can improve your quality of life in just a few minutes a day with the help of a high-quality WBV machine.

How WBV Treats Pain in Chronic Sufferers

From diagnosis to treatment, chronic pain disorders pose many questions. No one knows what causes certain disorders, and there are patients who’ve never found a solution that fits. Vibration therapy is a welcome relief, but it’s not known yet exactly why or how it works.

Scientists know that WBV can reduce inflammation. They also know it has a big impact on hormones. Whether that comes into play or whether the vibrations disrupt pain receptors hasn’t been fully studied yet. What doctors do know is that it works. When performed properly with professional guidance, your WBV therapy will go a long way in providing drug-free pain relief.

There are a few people who shouldn’t use it. Do you have bone tumors? Prosthetic joints? Thrombosis? Will you be having a baby within the next nine months? If so, it’s best to seek an alternative, or at the very least discuss things very carefully with a health care professional.

Other patients can get started on the road to relief today by seeking out a qualified physical therapist to treat their chronic pain symptoms with WBV.

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