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Meaning “to join” in Sanskrit, yoga is a stretch-style, physical activity that combines exercise, meditation and breathing into one effective workout. Yoga is an ancient method of performing unique stretching exercises, holding certain body positions for an extended period and learning how to do deep-breathing to optimize the physical and psychological benefits of yoga.

A low-impact exercise that anyone can do, regardless of physical limitations or age, yoga’s main goal is to establish balance and harmony between your body and mind. By engaging in specific poses and motions to relax and energize you, yoga offers hundreds of poses you can do while using VibePlate’s vibration yoga plate.

Yoga vibration training not only strengthens your muscles and improves your brain power, but it also boosts your lymphatic system. It promotes circulation of the lymph fluid through all lymph node channels. Your body doesn’t pump lymph fluid as it does blood. Contracting and stretching skeletal muscles through yoga poses assists in inducing the flow of lymph fluid. Transportation of lymph fluid is vital to eliminate bacteria or viruses that may make you sick. In addition, the deep breathing you do while performing yoga may also enhance your lymphatic system health.


Symmetrical yoga poses enhance meditation or mindfulness practices by focusing on both sides of your body rather than one side (asymmetrical yoga poses). Linking symmetrical yoga poses into a continuous motion helps develops your mental faculties while increasing your overall body strength and physical flexibility. Symmetrical poses are usually held for several minutes or longer to foster focusing and meditation abilities.

VibePlate specializes in whole body vibrating yoga platforms for Pilates training and exercising. Call 402.796.2025 or email for more information about yoga and Pilates vibration training.

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