Parallel Bar Platform




Width 36″
Length 8 feet
Material Aluminum
Dimensions 36″ x 96″ x 40″
Capacity 2400 lbs.
Amplitude 2mm
Frequency 10-60 hz
Vibration Form Vertical
Weight 155 lbs.
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VibePlate Parallel Bar Platform – Uplifting Your Strength and Balance

Experience a fresh approach to strength and balance training with the VibePlate Parallel Bar Platform, a unique vibration machine that blends functionality with innovation. Crafted with the needs of athletes, rehabilitation patients, and fitness enthusiasts in mind, this device offers an all-encompassing solution for an intensive yet safe workout experience.

The VibePlate Parallel Bar Platform is available in lightweight aluminum. Its robust construction is built to withstand rigorous vibrations and weights, ensuring a safe and durable exercise platform. This platform includes parallel bars, enabling various exercises that enhance upper body strength, stability, and coordination.

The essence of the VibePlate Parallel Bar Platform lies in its advanced vibration technology. The machine encourages muscle engagement throughout your body by creating adjustable vibrations, enhancing blood circulation, muscle strength, and overall body functionality. Whether you’re working on strength training, balance improvement, or recovery exercises, this platform provides a versatile solution.

Equipped with an easy-to-use control panel, the VibePlate Parallel Bar Platform empowers you to tailor your workout session to meet your specific fitness goals. You can adjust the vibration intensity to match your comfort level, making it a suitable device for all fitness levels.

The VibePlate Parallel Bar Platform is more than just a fitness machineโ€”it’s a comprehensive solution for enhancing strength, improving balance, and speeding up recovery. Embrace the next level of fitness innovation and experience the transformative power of vibration training.

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