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Vibration Platforms for Scoliosis

The severity of scoliosis symptoms differs largely from patient to patient. You may not even know you have the disorder until a doctor or coach assesses you for spinal problems…. Read More

Do Vibration Platforms Help You Lose Weight?

Whole body vibration (WBV) therapy is used in many physical therapies to build muscle, improve balance, correct posture problems and increase bone density. While they may not look that efficient,… Read More

Take Your Workout to the Next Level With Vibration Plate Training

A whole body vibration (WBV) machine uses the power of vibration to increase your strength, durability and flexibility. It improves posture, balance and hormone distribution. It lowers inflammation, pain and… Read More

Vibration Therapy Can Help With Your Chronic Pain

Living with constant aches and pains is like a prison, one you can rarely escape from without taking massive doses of drugs. The drugs put further limitations on your life,… Read More

Proprioception and Vibration Platforms

Proprioception has been described as a sixth sense, one that regulates the body’s balance and movement based on stimuli noted subconsciously. Without even thinking about it, you stand up straight… Read More

Neuromuscular Reeducation (NMR) for Chiropractors

Chiropractors deal with a number of soft-tissue injuries. Torn muscles that heal on their own can become a source of chronic pain. The only way to remedy the problem is… Read More

Gait Training Vibration Platforms

Have you suffered a stroke that makes walking difficult? Did you suffer a sports injury that makes it tough to balance? Whether through illness or injury, a risk of falling… Read More

Why You Should Consider a Vibration Plate for Your Medical Needs

Popular new therapies run the risk of becoming trends. Make sure you pay attention to the science behind any medical treatment before you schedule an appointment. The science behind Whole… Read More



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