Parallel Bar Platform - VibePlate

Parallel Bar Platform - VibePlate

Parallel Bar Platform - VibePlate

Parallel Bar Platform - VibePlate

Parallel Bar Platform - VibePlate

Parallel Bar Platform - VibePlate

Parallel Bar Platform - VibePlate

Parallel Bar Platform - VibePlate

Parallel Bar Platform - VibePlate

Parallel Bar Platform - VibePlate

Parallel Bar Platform - VibePlate

Parallel Bar Platform - VibePlate

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WBV Parallel Bars
Parallel Bar TherapyWBV Parallel Bars

Parallel Bar Platform


Width 36″
Length 8 ft
Height Adjustable up to 48″ tall
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Product Description

Introducing The Next Generation of Physical Therapy

VibePlate Presents the Whole Body Vertical Vibration Parallel Bar Platform

As one of the most widely used pieces of therapy equipment, parallel bars have a vast range of applications.  Used in the physical, occupational and rehabilitation fields of therapy, parallel bars figure prominently in the successful recovery from illnesses, disease, injuries, surgery and other debilitating conditions.

Unlike its counterparts used in physical therapy, VibePlate’s parallel bar system provides the same rehab function, but with the use of whole body vibration, which helps promote a stronger body and faster recovery.

Vibration specifically activates the DCML pathway and that’s how the message is carried to the brain to help with balance, coordination, muscle function and overall rehab.

Let the VibePlate Parallel Bar System Do The Work

Just Standing On VibePlate’s WBVV Parallel Platform

  1. Increases Circulation.
  2. Helps Maintain Muscle Mass While Rehabbing.
  3. Helps Prevent Loss of Bone Density While Rehabbing.
  4. Rehab With Less Pain For The Patient.
  5. Reduces Inflammation.
  6. Muscles Respond Faster.
  7. Increase Range of Motion and Flexibility.
  8. Fights Muscle Atrophy (Muscle loss, or waste away of muscle tissue).
  9. Great tool for pre and post therapy. Warm up. And cool down.

No Other Parallel Bar System Can Match This

VibePlate’s Parallel System is Used For the Following Issues 

ACL Tears

Ambulatory Exercise


Back Pain

Balance and Coordination

Bone Density

Decreases in Cortisol




Gait Training


Hip Injury


Joint Pain

Ligament and Tendon Repair


Multiple Sclerosis

Muscle Atrophy

Muscle Excitability

Musculoskeletal Issues

Nerve Damage

Neurological Problems



Parkinson’s Disease

Peripheral Neuropathy

Post Training Recovery

Range of Motion


Shoulder Injury

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Stenosis

Sports Therapy

Sprains and Strains


Stinging and Burning Pain




Increase Testosterone


Advantages of the VibePlate Parallel Bar System

During rehab, many patients because of lack of exercise will lose bone density, muscle mass, experience inflammation, range of motion etc.Because the VibePlate Parallel Bar System puts out vertical vibration, it works the patient’s muscles, increases circulation, flexibility and builds bone density. And if rehab is limited for the patient, just standing or sitting on the platform will help in these areas also. And………rehabbing on the VibePlate is less painful. Why? Because it is not necessary to put pressure on or work the problem area under normal rehab. Just standing on the VibePlate increases flexibility, increases circulation and helps the healing process.It allows the patient to gradually grow into their therapy program, while still making gains.

Before and After Tendon Injury


A clear before and after image of the same tendon with 4 months of therapy. Left shows a severely damaged SF and DD. The right shows the tendons are healed.

“Tendonopathy; with medial and lateral proliferation of the superficial tendon, and tears in the deep digital, along with swelling and fluid in the sheath.
19 weeks of strictly VibePlate (40-50 hz, twice daily) and cold laser therapy (twice daily on site) aid directly in the complete recovery of the torn and proliferated tendons. The ultrasound lends proof that there is no longer evidence of an injury. The recovery was done 100% non-invasively, and without risking the wellness of the rest the horses body. Such as loss of muscle strength, loss of bone density, needed exercise.

*VibePlate’s WBVV Parallel Bars is the most durable constructed platform in the industry, built out of aluminum.

  1. Most Durable Platform in the Industry.
  2. Includes Anti-Slip Rubber Padding.
  3. Adjustable Height and Width?
  4. Comes in Different Lengths.

Therapy parallel bars are available in several sizes.  Our standard size if 8 feet in length, and can get multiple sections to create a longer platform if desired. Our standard  WBVV Parallel Bar System is priced at $6995.00. Custom sizes are available, call for a quote.

Additional Information

Dimensions 107 x 36 x 48 in

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The benefits listed on this web site are based on independent studies which reference years of research into (WBV) whole body vibration exercise.

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