VibePlate XL




Material Aluminum
Dimensions 30 x 72
Capacity 2400 lbs
Amplitude 2 mm
Frequency 10-60 Hz
Vibration Form Vertical
Weight 120 lbs.
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VibePlate XL – Maximizing Your Fitness Potential

Step into a new realm of physical wellness with the VibePlate XL, an exceptional vibration machine designed to accommodate all your fitness needs. Boasting a spacious 30 inches by 72 inches platform, this machine presents ample space for performing various exercises – full-body workouts, team training sessions, or physical therapy exercises.

The VibePlate XL is a testament to its robust design and superior durability. Available in lightweight aluminum, the machine is engineered to endure intense vibrations and support various weights, ensuring a stable and secure workout environment.

What sets the VibePlate XL apart is its cutting-edge vibration technology. By generating adjustable vibrations, the machine encourages muscle contractions throughout your body, stimulating blood flow and enhancing overall body functionality. These vibrations can help improve balance, increase muscle strength, boost flexibility, and fast-track recovery times.

Featuring a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, the VibePlate XL is easily adjustable to suit users of all fitness levels. Whether you prefer gentle vibrations for therapeutic purposes or high-intensity oscillations for challenging workouts, this machine caters to your unique fitness needs.

If you want to augment your group training sessions, advance your physical rehabilitation, or elevate your overall fitness, the VibePlate XL is your ultimate partner. With this comprehensive fitness solution, achieving your wellness goals becomes a more efficient and enjoyable journey.

  • Active Aging
  • Health & Fitness
  • Medical & Rehab
  • Athletic Performance


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