Material Steel
Dimensions 30 x 48 x 87
Capacity 2400 lbs
Amplitude 2 mm
Frequency 10-60 Hz
Vibration Form Vertical
Weight 285 lbs.
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VibeStretch – Unlocking New Dimensions of Flexibility

Welcome to a novel fitness solution with the VibeStretch, a unique vibration machine specifically designed to optimize your stretching routines. Tailored for those who value flexibility, recovery, and holistic wellness, the VibeStretch is your perfect partner for achieving an enhanced range of motion and muscle relaxation.

The VibeStretch exemplifies the synergy of quality construction and user-focused design. The machine can withstand intense vibrations in either durable steel or lightweight aluminum, ensuring a sturdy and safe platform for your stretching sessions.

The magic of the VibeStretch lies in its innovative vibration technology. The machine helps stretch and relax your muscles more efficiently by producing finely tuned vibrations. The vibrations increase circulation, decrease muscle stiffness, and enhance flexibility. Whether you are cooling down after an intense workout or engaging in a therapeutic stretching session, the VibeStretch helps you get the most out of your routine.

Equipped with an easy-to-navigate control panel, the VibeStretch allows you to customize your session according to your comfort level and stretching needs. It provides a versatile range of vibration intensities, offering a gentle hum for a relaxing stretch or more powerful oscillations for deep muscle relaxation.

The VibeStretch is more than a fitness machineโ€”it’s a gateway to improved flexibility, quicker recovery, and enhanced physical wellness. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, an athlete in recovery, or someone seeking to increase their flexibility, the VibeStretch opens the door to a more limber and agile you.

  • Active Aging
  • Health & Fitness
  • Medical & Rehab
  • Athletic Performance


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