Betty, Michigan

You requested info on how the VibePlate is helping. strengthen my fingers - (I play the piano for church) correcting protruding knuckles on my hands strengthen my back - (I have spinal stenosis - the muscles pulled when not using the plate hurting much) stopping pain in my hip - (my hip protrudes a lot) relaxing the muscles in my back - (I was stooped over not able to straighten up) relaxing the muscles in my neck - (Not be able to straighten up made the neck hurt) strengthen my ankles relieving pain - ( Needed to modify orthotics) general help in being able to move freely I was very doubtful in the beginning but took the word of Gary Gray that it would help. I use it 15 minutes a day not missing more than 1 day in 14. I now am totally sold! Thanks again! Betty, Michigan

Bob Bashaw, Washington State University PT

We have been using it A LOT!!!! Upper/lower extremity and trunk problems all benefit. The athletes like to have this option available to them and look forward to using it. Bob Bashaw, Washington State University PT

Brad B., PHD, Physiology

We are there!!! Let Janet know to order the VibePlate®. They are the best. They know what size I use also. Brad B., PHD, Physiology

Body Synergy PT, California

The VibePlate has been an integral & consistent tool in our clinic. We love its low profile for our elderly population that have difficulty stepping up onto a different surface, as well as its broad platform where seated exercises can be performed. We’ve especially seen profound improvement in the most deconditioned clients where squatting exercises done on the VibePlate immediately results in improved ability & independence with sit to stand. Body Synergy PT, California

Brian Terpstra, Ph.D, University of Cincinnati, Ohio

The VibePlate® has become a cornerstone in my Parkinson's Disease rehabilitation program. Parkinson's Disease is a disease of aging. Therefore, we deal with many pre-existing orthopedic conditions. As expected, implementing whole body vibration training with the VibePlate® has acutely and chronically improved pain and range of motion in my patients with osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. However, I have been amazed at the pronounced effect the VibePlate® has on stride length, freezing and dystonia in my patients. Although I purchased the VibePlate® for the orthopedic benefits, I now used it with all my patients. I highly recommend the VibePlate® for any practitioners working with Parkinson's patients. Brian Terpstra, Ph.D, University of Cincinnati, Ohio

Brian, Parkinson’s Rehabilitation Institiute, Ohio

We find that the VibePlate has the largest benefit for dystonia usually between 10-20hz. Second biggest benefit is for orthopedic issues at 35hz. We do see benefits in gait at 50hz however they are no as dramatic as the benefit we see for dystonia and pain. The bottom line is it depends on your primary symptom. If its dystonia its well worth the money, almost miraculous. We had a patient literally crippled with dystonia and he has none and has had none for almost a year, due solely to the total body vibration training. Of course everyone is different. Brian, Parkinson's Rehabilitation Institiute, Ohio

Brimhall Wellness Center, Arizona

We use the VibePlate with all of our weight loss patients to open lymphatic drainage. We use it for strength and conditioning. We use it for patients with back pain, neuropathy, etc. We LOVE our VibePlate! Brimhall Wellness Center, Arizona

Carla, Minnesota

I broke my toe and between Chiropractic adjustments and the VibePlate®, my toe was healed and feeling better within just a few days. Carla, Minnesota

Carlos Quentin, Padres OF

I’m a huge fan of VibePlate as its aided me tremendously in my workouts.  It’s helped me to increase my speed, strength and stamina which I feel will pay off on the field.  I would highly recommend one of these to any athlete or active person looking for that extra edge. Carlos Quentin, Padres OF

C.H-Jones, Ontario, Canada

Hello Randy, My health has improved tremendously since using the VibePlate® (February). My muscle tone has increased dramatically. My body fat has reduced greatly. My massage therapist says my lymphatic drainage system is awesome. Co-incidentally my chiro appointments are great – my chiropractor (who also bought a machine from you) does not need to do many adjustments at all! I have lost considerable weight, toned up and feel great! And I continue to have these great impacts from using the machine. I love using it. Its fun….I can dance, march or do weight bearing exercises on it, so I vary my routine. Most importantly I don’t have to spend a lot of time exercising on the machine which is key for me….I’m a single mom of 3 so time is a very precious commodity to me! Thank you very much! C.H-Jones, Ontario, Canada

Cassandra, Ontario

It has improved body fat ration, adrenal exhaustion, and my lymphatic system. I do not really have health concerns that drove me to obtain this unit. Just a desire to lose weight and be fit......and I am! Cassandra, Ontario

Chiropractic Rehabilitation Welllness Center, California

We use the VibePlate for the following: spinal stability strengthening exercises, proprioceptive training, increasing range of motion, sprain/strain recovery, through weight/resistance training and stretching. Natural Health Pros, California We use them every day as part of exercise rehabilitation, physical therapy exercise programs. Proprioception is big! Some stretching. Chiropractic Rehabilitation Welllness Center, California

Coach James, Nebraska Midwest Track Club

I just wanted to touch base with you to thank you for the information and the use of your VibePlate. I have been a speed coach for quite sometime, working with athlete of all ages. I constantly work on flexibility with my sprinters. Using your VibePlate has been a big aid to my flexibility training. It has improved my athletes (the one who have used it as compared to the one who have not) flexibility a great amount in a short amount of time.  As a matter of fact, during our indoor track season, one of my Junior High Athletes was unable to do much speed training. He used the VibePlate a great deal in the 15 days leading to our upcoming indoor meet. With very little speed work, minor conditioning and a high increase in his flexibility his 60 meter time dropped by nearly .21 seconds. I have seen the results the VibePlate can do for flexibility and it is a know fact that flexibility can improve a sprinter speed. So, I now have my athletes use the VibePlate during our flexibility...

Chris, Nebraska

I gained 14 inches in my vertical jump in 18 months. This was while I was out for high school basketball and baseball with a pulled hamstring.  And during the off-season gained 20 pounds of lean muscle. Chris, Nebraska

Coach Von, Ranked and Targeted, Nevada

Using the VibePlate accompanied with ballistic and plyometric training methods has yielded outlandish gains in both my middle and high school programs. For instance a middle school basketball player jumping on a 36 inch jump box and very soon to a 42 inch jump box all because of the rapid gains caused by using the VibePlate. Thank you. Coach Von, Ranked and Targeted, Nevada

Connie, Certified Massage Therapist, NCTMB, CIMI, Pennsylvania

I love it, (VibePlate®) it has saved my body numerous times from the stresses and strains of massage therapy especially on very busy days. Unfortunately for my clients though, it is more for personal use since I work from my home and have it located in our Family Room. Maybe someday that will change as my need for space changes. Connie, Certified Massage Therapist, NCTMB, CIMI, Pennsylvania


This list of contraindications is not absolute. If one of the conditions listed applies to you we strongly advise that you consult with your physician before using. Recovering from surgery, serious cardiovascular disease, disease, known neurological conditions, pregnancy, thrombosis, joint implants, pulmonary embolism, known retinal conditions, severe diabetes, pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators, poor somatosensory receptor sensitivity on the plantar surfaces of the feet, severe migraine.



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