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The VibePlate is quickly sweeping through the health and fitness industry. This is because users can see improved results from the exact same workout routine by simply adding the benefits of the VibePlate to their workout regimen. The VibePlate helps those from all different areas of fitness to reach their goals in an unprecedented way.The VibePlate is designed to allow you to perform any exercise or workout routine while utilizing the benefits of whole body vibration, specifically vertical vibration. By being able to switch over your existing or future workout routine to the VibePlate, you can now take your fitness to the next level.


My health is improving so fast that I find I run out of time and energy before my body wants to quit. My results so far are simply amazing! When I came there to pick up the VibePlate®, more than a few steps was a total body work out for the day for me. Now I am able to get up the stairs to our school room without excruciating pain and my daughters’ help pulling me up. For almost 30 years I have had pain and knotted muscles that run along the sides of my legs, so painful that just laying my hand on my hip at night caused more pain than I could bare. Today that pain is reduced to a little less than moderate and the muscles are nice and smooth.

– Elly, Kansas

I bought the VibePlate to assist me in staying agile. It helps my arthritis by concentrating exercise to my core muscles with the minimum of effort and time spent. I feel much better. I do stretches and crunches on the VibePlate® these help enormously. Life sure is better with VibePlate® than without!

– Gayle, Washington

We use VibePlate for clients with limited range of motion and or pain dysfunction. We also use it for clients to enhance proprioceptive response including for athletes. We have 3 D functional approach and use VibePlate a great deal for personal training, post rehab, pain management, physical therapy.

– Infinite Motion Fitness, Illinois

I am a 56 yr young woman and I used the VibePlate® at my Chiropractor’s office for the first time. I did not know anything about it, except my Chiropractor said “here’s our new device try it”. I tried and went on with my day and found I had tons of energy, after only 5 minutes on the VibePlate®. I was always tired before that, because of going through menopause. My hormones made me very tired and lethargic. After the VibePlate® I could stay up and work until 1:00 am. While I would not advise that, I was amazed at my level of energy. I was wide awake the next day, and about my work of a full day full of life and vitality. I went a day or two later and stayed 10 minutes and I was full of energy until 3:00 am. I love the VibePlate® and would recommend it to anyone wanting energy and renewed life in their body.

– Jurena, South Carolina

Almost instant gain of flexibility at 72 years. I am 72 years old and have not touched my toes in years. I got on the VibePlate and in just a few minutes I extended my reach at least 10 inches and was touching my toes. And had the same reach the next day.

– Karen, Florida

I have been very impressed with my use of the VibePlate®. As a lifelong athlete who has many joint and back issues the VibePlate® has kept me pain-free. When I got it I had debilitating tendonitis in one of my elbows. Within a week of daily use, 90% of the pain was gone. I used to be constantly rubbing pain-relieving creams into my elbow and now I never do. I strongly recommend this product.

– Scott, New Mexico



Today’s oversaturated heath trend market means perceptions are shifting and more people feel encouraged to seek out information to enhance their physical, and overall well-being. VibePlate is built to help take your health into your own hands (or stance) – but it’s far from a fad. This tool was inspired by and for athletes, but we believe everyone deserves to get more from their movement, because when you move better, you feel better.


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