I just wanted to touch base with you to thank you for the information and the use of your VibePlate. I have been a speed coach for quite sometime, working with athlete of all ages. I constantly work on flexibility with my sprinters. Using your VibePlate has been a big aid to my flexibility training. It has improved my athletes (the one who have used it as compared to the one who have not) flexibility a great amount in a short amount of time. ย As a matter of fact, during our indoor track season, one of my Junior High Athletes was unable to do much speed training. He used the VibePlate a great deal in the 15 days leading to our upcoming indoor meet. With very little speed work, minor conditioning and a high increase in his flexibility his 60 meter time dropped by nearly .21 seconds. I have seen the results the VibePlate can do for flexibility and it is a know fact that flexibility can improve a sprinter speed. So, I now have my athletes use the VibePlate during our flexibility training. ย Thanks very much for the tip on the VibePlate Randy itโ€™s be a big help with flexibility and speed in my athletes.
Coach James, Nebraska Midwest Track Club

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