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Category: Medical & Rehab

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Category: Medical & Rehab

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Category: Medical & Rehab

Category: Medical & Rehab

C.H-Jones, Ontario, Canada

My health has improved tremendously since using the VibePlate®. My muscle tone has increased dramatically. My body fat has reduced greatly. My massage therapist says my lymphatic drainage system is… Read More

Dr. Warren Bruhl, Board Certified Chiropractic Pediatrics, Glencoe, Illinois

I purchased a VibePlate® for my chiropractic practice in Glencoe, IL and we are extremely pleased with the solid design and follow-up that the company has provided. The people at… Read More

Margaret, Ontario, Canada

I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in my lower spine a few years ago.  I was put on the drug Actonel.  After taking the drug faithfully for three years my Osteoporosis… Read More

Wayne, Missouri

This is Wayne B……., my wife Marilyn has a L1 spinal cord injury.  She is partially paralized fromt he hips down and had no movement below the knees.  We are… Read More

Wayne, Indiana

This is Wayne, you sold a Model 2424 Vibeplate to me for my wife, who has a L1 spinal cord injury. She is partially paralyzed from the hips down and… Read More

Waukesha Physical Therapy Clinic, Wisconsin

Balance training, scoliosis exercises, knee extension stretches, strength training and weight bearing exercises for bone density. Waukesha Physical Therapy Clinic, Wisconsin

VibePlate® and Whole Body Vibration

VibePlate® and Whole Body Vibration sehawks Congratulations to VibePlate Users Seattle Seahawks 2013 Super Bowl Champions See Results up to 5x Faster SALE! Refurbished Platforms,Just Like New! Call For Pricing… Read More

VibePlate Used For NMR & Stability Training

We use the VibePlate for exercise, NMR, and stability training. Hardman Chiropractic, CA

VibePlate Plays Key Role in Pain Relief

I had excruciating pain that started in my shoulders and ran down my left leg. I made an appt. came and had one session with doctor for treatment on the… Read More

VibePlate helps torticolis

After a year of therapy elsewhere for torticolis and zero results , we brought our 2 year old son ,Jack, to see Dr. Kyle and Dr. Brett, of Ultimate Performance… Read More

VibePlate Helped Avoid Surgery

I’ve had neck pain for years. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc and was told I needed surgery. I’ve tried numerous chiropractors and physical therapist the past 10 years…. Read More

VibePlate Aids TMJ Patient

I have nothing bad to say about Kyle and the rest of the Ultimate Performance crew! I have been there for lower and upper back pain from an accident I… Read More

VibePlate Aids IT Band Issues

Awesome treatment from Dr. Kyle Daigle and his staff. Went in a couple times for IT band issues and came out stronger than ever thanks to the treatments, including use… Read More

VibePlate Aids in Back Pain & Restoring Feeling & Movement

I’ve been a patient of Dr.Daigle for over two years now and he’s made a world of difference for me and my “mystery case.” As a senior in high school… Read More

VibePlate Aids Back & Knee

I came here for back and knee problems and feel a lot better now with the treatment on the VibePlate. I am from Baytown tx, I drive to Sulfur Louisiana… Read More

Tim, Minnesota

Eight days prior to violin camp, I broke my dominant arm. The medical doctor, orthopedic surgeon and Chiropractor all said it was broken. After six days, averaging three hours a… Read More

Tim Lones, Owner of F.A.S.T. of N.W. Ohio Athletes

When we first were introduced to VibePlate® we were very skeptical about the effects it could really have overall on enhancing our training results. Within a few weeks of using… Read More

The Wellness Source, Illinois

We use the VibePlate to promote a faster healing time, to retrain the muscles, and the brain body connection. The Wellness Source, Illinois

The Institute for Physical & Sports Therapy, Washington

We were one of VibePlate’s initial users of the VibPlate. We use it daily from foot and ankle injuries to shoulder and lower back rehab. The Institute for Physical &… Read More

The Conde Center for Chiropractic Neurology, Florida

The VibeCage is used for advanced neurological rehabilitation.  The Vibe Plate is constantly being used at our chiropractic neurology office.  It is used during rehabilitation of sports injuries, stroke patients,… Read More



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