USES for


  • Warm-up / Cool down
  • Recovery
  • Strength training
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility exercises
  • Stabilization exercises

My name is Scott Panchik. I am an 8x CrossFit Games athlete and the owner of CrossFit Mentality. I started using the Vibeplate 2 years ago with my Chiropractor as part of my rehab for a partially ruptured plantar fascia. After just a few visits I noticed a significant difference in my foot. I loved it so much I decided to get one for my gym. Now I use it everyday as part of my warm up and cool down. It has become one of my favorite pieces of equipment in the gym. My entire body feels noticeable different after only a few minutes of standing on the plate. I truly believe it has improved my recovery time and allowed me to train longer throughout the day. In CrossFit every second counts and this device has allowed me to maximize every minute of my day!

– Scott Panchik, 8 time CrossFit Games Athlete


VibePlate Mini




Parallel Bar Platform


VibePlate 3048



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