I purchased a VibePlate® for my chiropractic practice in Glencoe, IL and we are extremely pleased with the solid design and follow-up that the company has provided. The people at VibePlate  were incredibly enthusiastic about their product and after using it for several months, I can understand why. The advantages of VibePlate® over others on the market are it’s quality built design coupled with price and service. We have used the VibePlate® as a post adjustment exercise protocol which we developed to enhance muscular flexibility, strength, and coordination. We have further noticed when patients are using the plate, their posture improves immensely. Patients like using the VibePlate® and will regularly get on it and perform the routine we created. The VibePlate® is a healing product any practitioner or home workout enthusiast should consider.
Dr. Warren Bruhl, Board Certified Chiropractic Pediatrics, Glencoe, Illinois

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