The patient that I used it on has a history of aneurysms which have left his right upper extremity in a flexor synerty pattern. The flexor muscles are extremely spastic at this time and have been for a number of years. He has received approximately 3-6 months of therapy all told which also included being part of a study in which he received extremely intensive therapy numerous times each day. We recently saw him in the clinic in order to fix an AFO and while he was here had him try the VibePlateยฎ. The improvement seen in decreased spasticity and increased ROM was evident after approximately 6 one minute sessions stretching the wrist and digits into extension on the VibePlateยฎ. Upon his return he reported that his hand and wrist stayed more flexible than it had been since the aneurysms and he actually slept better than he had in years because of the decreased tightness. We have continued to treat him once every one to two weeks which continues to give him significant amounts of relief.
Nebraska PT

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