Karen, Florida

Almost instant gain of flexibility at 72 years. I am 72 years old and have not touched my toes in years. I got on the VibePlate and in just a few minutes I extended my reach at least 10 inches and was touching my toes. And had the same reach the next day. Karen,...

Karen, Kansas

I just wanted to update you on our VibePlate journey. ย It’s only been about a month since we got it home, but we can see and mostly feel changes. ย We both feel more energetic. ย Speaking for myself, I know that I am doing exercises on the VibePlate that if I were...

Jurena, South Carolina

I just received our VibePlateยฎ and I told the FedEx man about the plate and what it did for me. He complained of having leg pains and being tired all the time. I told him he could try ours. After we set it in place he got on it and he felt so much better. He called me...
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