We’ve had tremendous success using the VibePlate® with our patients. We are an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic in Rhode Island, and see a wide range of orthopedic injuries. I’ve put all kinds of patients on the VibePlate®, from quadriceps rupture repairs, hamstring tears, ACL reconstruction’s, total joints, and even patients with back pain. We’ve had gymnasts, dancers, golfers, high school and college athletes on it, and all have received some type of benefit from the vibration provided by the VibePlate®. Most notably is the effect vibration has on restoring joint range of motion. I recently had a young lady who tore her quadriceps tendon, requiring a surgical repair. We were having a great deal of difficulty restoring her knee range of motion and she was at risk for developing a flexion contracture and permanently losing her mobility. When we received the VibePlate® she was 10 weeks out from her surgery and stuck at 100 degrees of knee flexion. She was one of the first people we tried on the VibePlate®. We educated her in a series of stretches, and progressed her through a closed kinetic chain strengthening program with fantastic results. She began to gain 3-5 degrees of motion per session and within 4 weeks had 137` of knee flexion, and her knee felt “normal”.  This is only one example of how the VibePlate® has helped our active population. Thanks again.
JC Kovolyan MSPT, OCS, CSCS, Bristol, Rhode Island